An intelligent Baggage System Design in 3D with simulation, emulation, and virtual reality

We offer a unique Baggage Handling System(BHS) design expertise, which is being used for many airports.

The process provides very accurate BHS design alternatives derived from complex interactive algorithms. Based on multiple inputs, our process very quickly provides:

  • BHS design solution
  • Correct quantity of components
  • Accurate system costs for anywhere in the world
  • IATA compliant layouts
  • Detail drawings of system
  • Full simulation modelling of system
  • Virtual Reality – Operate and test the baggage system before it is built

RIBA Stage 0: Strategic Capital Planning and Masterplanning Stage:

  • Fast and accurate BHS design planning tool / create concepts to meet forecasted demand needs – perfect for “what if” scenarios
  • Understand capital costs and operating costs forecasts (Whole Life Costs)
  • Understand cost / bag impacts
  • Understand building size needs – feed information to masterplanning team

RIBA Stages 1-3: Concept / Development / Technical

  • Create alternative options and optimize performance / technology options / grid configurations
  • Understand building size/ cost / performance
  • Challenge or validate supplier designs / tender return costs / profit margins

Unique Selling Points

  • Independent Costs are achieved bottom up and tailored precisely to the airports flight schedule.
  • Design to price (CAPEX and / or OPEX)
  • Optioneerring is very fast and accurate
  • Works out the actual cost you should be charged based on global cost platform not just historically at one airport

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