Commercial Project Management

Our experienced Project Commercial Management can assist with:

Project Commercial Management – Project control (cost management and reporting) and change Management.

Financial Modelling – Forecasting, quantitative or qualitative and the sensitivity methodology.

Due Diligence / Feasibility – Finance and accounting, using bespoke tools (strategic review to a deep dive analysis).

Forensic Audit –  Investigative analysis of projects using specialist tools and techniques.

Internal Audit – Review and identification of risks and suitability / application of mitigating controls.

Contract Management – Review of contract compliance (including drafting, review and compliance of commercial contract principles).

Resource Management Frameworks – Structuring and allocation of resources to major project tasks.

Risk and Opportunity  Management – Understanding risk appetite, risk tolerance and risk culture (quantitative and qualitative approaches).

Risk Assessment –  Looking at risk as an opportunity.

Risk Registers – Development and management of risk and opportunity registers.

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